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Mountaineer Gifts LLC

Salad Server set in Wood, Maple

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 Each piece is hand crafted and therefore no two are exactly alike. Due to the nature of wood no two are exactly alike, but unique.

I designed the set after two of the three shapes of the Sassafras Leaf. The sassafras has three distinct leaf patterns on the same plant, unlobed oval, bilobed (mitten-shapped), and trilobed (three-pronged).
I collected leafs off a sassafras in my yard and used them as models.

  • Materials: Maple Wood, Beeswax. Mineral Oil, Walnut Oil
  • Size: 12 by 2 ¾ inches +/-
  • Care:     DO NOT place in dishwasher. Dishwasher may cause the wood to dry out and crack! 

    Rinse off wood utensils immediately after use. Hand wash with hot water and mild dish soap. Dry wood utensils with a towel instead letting air dry. Recondition with mineral oil at least monthly. Mineral oil is food safe and will not turn rancid the way cooking oils can. Allow to soak in and wipe excess off with a paper towel. For extra cleaning power, occasionally rinse the wooden pieces with white distilled vinegar to kill germs, bacteria and mold, or you can rub half a lemon across the utensils to disinfect, as well.

  • Finishing Process: 1. Sanded smooth; 2. Grain raised by wetting; 3. Sanded and polished smooth again; 4. Hand rubbed and buffed finish using a blend of mineral oil or walnut oil and beeswax (Honey for Wood) which are both food safe.