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Mountaineer Gifts LLC

Hickory Wedding cake cutter & server, rustic chic barn farm country western southern vintage outdoor desert beach Eco-Friendly

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Hickory Wedding Cake Cutter and Server. Please right or left handed server.

If you want mix wood species please request custom order.

Wooden cake knife and server handcrafted as a set for that special wedding. Wooden items are finished with a food safe blend of mineral oil and beeswax (Honey for Wood). Free Shipping for gift set.

Note that pics are just examples and not the items which will ship. If you would like to see a pic of the set before shipment after order just request it.

ENGRAVING NOT INCLUDED with purchase of this set, but MUST BE PURCHASED as an additional item. Cost of engraving depends on what is engraved. If you plan to purchase engraving at later date, please add note when you order this item..

 CARE: Rinse off wood utensils immediately after use. Hand wash with hot water and mild dish soap. Dry wood utensils with a towel instead of letting air dry. Recondition with mineral oil at least monthly. Mineral oil is food safe and will not turn rancid the way cooking oils can. Allow to soak in and wipe excess off with a paper towel. For extra cleaning power, occasionally rinse the wooden pieces with white distilled vinegar to kill germs, bacteria and mold, or you can rub half a lemon across the utensils to disinfect, as well.