Why Use Wooden Spoons?

Wooden spoons make the best choice for many cooking tasks. Wood kitchen utensils are great for the following:

  • The handles are generally rounded and feel nice to hold.
  • With their gentle, smooth curves they are much less likely to bruise, crush, or tear your ingredients as you stir.
  • When using non-stick pots and pans (They do not scratch!) Metal spoons can also scratch regular metal posts and make a scraping noise that may be bothersome.
  • For mixing batter in a mixing bowl such as cake batter.
  • They do not conduct heat like metal and will stay cool throughout the cooking process; thus you will not burn your hand.
  • Stirring hot foods when cooking like soups, stews, stir-fries, and risotto.
  • Do not tire one when cooking like heavy metal tools.
  • Will not melt like some plastic utensils.
  • Will not change the taste or color when cooking acidic ingredients in foods like some metal will. Whipping up a tomato sauce or lemon curd is an example of when to choose wood over metal. Wood is non-reactive in these situations and thus the logical choice.
Wooden utensils have been around for years. The test of time has proven worth for humanity. Many a wood spoon has been passed down from generation to generation and becomes an heirloom for many families

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