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Mountaineer Gifts LLC

Pizza peel paddle HICKORY. 22 1/2 long, 14 across, 8 handle, 7/16 thick (inches).

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Pizza peel paddle Hickory. 22 1/2 long, 14 across, 8 handle, 7/16 thick (inches) more or less. Great from starting the pizza to placing it on the table. Each one is hand made one at a time and given the nature of handcrafting and wood, unique. Color and grain of wood will vary from one in pictures. Finish is food safe: a blend of mineral oil and beeswax (Honey for Wood).

 CARE: Rinse off wood utensils immediately after use. Hand wash with hot water and mild dish soap. Dry wood utensils with a towel instead of letting air dry. Recondition with mineral oil at least monthly. Mineral oil is food safe and will not turn rancid the way cooking oils can. Allow to soak in and wipe excess off with a paper towel. For extra cleaning power, occasionally rinse the wooden pieces with white distilled vinegar to kill germs, bacteria and mold, or you can rub half a lemon across the utensils to disinfect, as well.