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Mountaineer Gifts LLC

Honey for Wood blend of mineral oil and beeswax 2 ounces used as a finish for treenware or woodenware.

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Honey for Wood is a blend of mineral oil and beeswax. I use this product to finish each piece of treenware or woodenware. Great for any wooden utensil or wooden bowls.

Suggested instruction for caring for your woodenware/treenware to include cutting boards:
1. Wash your wooden spoon by hand with warm soapy water and dry it right away. Don't put your wooden spoon in the dish washer, especially if you have the drying cycle on. The extreme heat can dry out the wood so it will eventually crack.
2. Rub your wooden spoon with a little Honey for Wood or food grade mineral oil, let it sit overnight, and then wipe off the excess. Do this around once per month or more often if needed. This will keep your wood kitchen utensils from drying out.